Vespera ® is a trademark Vespera design Ltd. under which manufactures upholstered furniture upper class. Background of a strong and successful company to produce the brand devote maximum attention – from the first sketches in their own development workshop to perfectly crafted product.

The philosophy of Vespera ® is built on the high adaptability of the product to customer requirements with the help of an architect. The ability to change the shape of the armrests, adjust product dimensions, the surface combine different materials, to make adjustments base and achieve genuine solutions that will satisfy even the most demanding customers, there is a basis.

Individual products are in constant evolution, may therefore differ from the illustrations in this catalog, because variability and modify models according to customers are the hallmark of the brand and advantages Vespera ® .

The company Dyhy Vecera a spol.., Ltd. is engaged as:

  • Member of the Guild of upholsterers and decorators
  • Member of Czech Deco Team