Artifice in simple lines


Design Vespera

Contemporary living is dynamic, prefferringpure style and individual solutions. Are you looking for sophisticated simplicity and variability of combinations? Angolo set with predominant oustanding edges is designed just for you.

To think about a modern flat and its furnishing means to look for variability. And that belongs to benfits of Angolo set. Our offer reaches from vigorously made armchair, which cannot be overlooked in the interior, to a huge luxurious sofa with a pouffe – just choose and combine as you please.

Loose placement of backrest cushions (on the contraty to seat cushions which are firmly attached)is for Angolo set typical. The cushions are made of HR-foam cuts. The set proceeds from so called modular system offering large number of cominations of individual items (see the back of the leaflet). Five types of armrests and six types of legs enable making enormous range of varities. The dimensions may be set by 10 cm.