Unique in harmony


Design Jan Padrnos

Seat Couple is interesting by its unusual design, which masterfully stand alone, but fully favorable only in combination with its counterpart. The combination of two elements will offer unprecedented aesthetic possibilities, however, is negligible for practical use. Two seats connected as Couple creates a dimensional assembly in which the more people can enjoy its exclusivity.

Design chair is very sophisticated. Its minimalist simplicity is revived elements of retro style and also uses natural organic shapes. Most striking feature is its variability, which almost no limits. Seat Couple has several versions of shapes, left and right variants. Shapes can be found in Figures components. Everything you produce in two lengths. Support area Couple is always on the side bevel, creating an interesting element shape, typical for this report .

Couple can be created only from the left and right variants. Seats can only put next to each other or combine fixed by adding a simple hardware. It merges the left and right option for straight solution or we can combine different versions Couple appropriately to each other, thus creating an unusual corner assembly.

Seat Couple is a simple, fixed seating sofa, made ​​out of plywood skeleton covered with polyurethane foam. Base in the form of chrome tubes, wheel arches and a seat only in the extreme strong points touching the floor.

Line great seats stand out in the same colors, is a very effective solution in the negative, ie in conjunction seats two colors supplemented with decorative pillows placed opposite color. Couple and pillows for you to produce any in your chosen upholstery fabric. The color scheme of the entire report, you can choose according to your taste.

Couple, they are two parts of a whole. This design concept draws its variability and originality. Inventiveness, taste, refinement and elegance dazzles especially in public areas. Perfectly suits cafes, waiting rooms, galleries or other rooms where people appreciate the aesthetic and practical quality exceptional seat Couple.