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Design David Crla

It reminds you of stool Capra something from the past? If yes, you are right. Its design evokes the environment may have forgotten sports halls and school gyms.

Capra work , although slightly and subtly on its massive construction but you can always rely on. Stability gives it a solid beech wood legs that can be your choice of either bright natural or stained. Wooden elements give this solitaire nonviolent nature and grace.

The internal skeleton is made up of core plywood and laminated PUR foams and thus you can be sure that it always lands in the soft. The surface is covered with quality leather, the shade it depends only on your choice. The original Capra has skin in bright colors, interesting are present in dark brown. Supporters of color variation can choose from a wide range of shades.

Stool Capra will be highly visible as a stylish přezouvací chairs and highlighted so every hallway or closet. It finds its place as a dedicated supplement in children's rooms.

Capra will become a natural part of your decor while unusual reminiscent of your youth ...