Unexpectedly upward


Design Borek Sipek

At first glance, interesting design pouffe. On second look - lovely table. And the third - smart puzzler that when disassemble amended as in practical steps. Introducing multi solitaire Escalera by world-renowned architect and designer Borek Sipek.

Escalera is composed of two parts. This allows you to flip one side to the other and then instantly get unusual steps. Whether you use them in your library or as a stylish accessory in the office or dressing room, always help you reach higher places tastefully and beautifully.

The skeleton is made ​​of decking and in the original is painted in subtle shades of ivory. The upper circular part on the contrary veneered mahogany. Together they form an interesting combination of square and round shapes, light and dark colors, functionality and creativity.

Escalera is fabulous and very unique stool playful like a puzzle. You can be sure that arouse curiosity every visitor to your home - and not just because of the prestige of authorship Czech leading artists.