Unexpectedly emotional


Design George Pelcl

Shocking, provocative? I can do Vespera. Stool Espresso by leading Czech designer Jiří Pelcl. Espresso is a piece of furniture that is functional not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Sit on it and decent Personalize filling extravagant espresso ...

It does not need as much space as an armchair, a small, compact and fulfills its purpose - comfortable seats you, both literally and aesthetically. Stool Espresso perfect shape fully confirms his name and be surprised by a very alluring color. Stool is formed of a rigid skeleton and soft fillers, is coated with elastic knit. The material is pliable and provides comfortable seating. Whether in a cafe, pastry shop, or at home, Espresso you are guaranteed to attract attention. Enjoy coffee in it will unexpectedly emotional and amusing experience.