Pure of Cubism


Design Vladimir Zak

Armchair Kubikula . Designer Vladimir Zak, author Kubikula , proposed in 2008, an unusually designed chair. In his concept was inspired by the aesthetics of Cubism, as it represented the products of artistic associations Prague art workshops designed by Pavel Janak and Joseph Gocar . Kubikula So originally meant only chair. It was a development of the same name and seat porfolio called Kubikula has been accomplished.

Kubikula is not only an end in itself an aesthetic indulgence. Sitting in it is pleasant and comfortable. Eminently modern decorated chair evokes the shape of cubes, where you can sit down. Kubikula works with simple minimalist straight lines, spatially distributed cube shapes - cube, its surface almost do not go from one plane.

The basis Kubikula is a wooden structure, which is placed polyurethane foam of various densities. Seat and backrest of the seats and chairs form a whole, you will not find any pillows or armrests, everything is perfectly tuned in one piece. Kubikula does not need legs. The bottom edge is bevelled and affects them directly to the floor.

The chair and sofa are very effective in the dark substance, but can cover various types of fabrics and leather. The seams are highlighted with double stitching, which stand out precise details and confidently drawn lines of the aesthetic delights. Seat is visually divided into three parts like sideways elongated cube chair at the half.

If you are looking to break the preconceived boundaries of conventional aesthetics seating, Kubikula will amaze you. It can make furniture selections or combine both elements to create a three-piece assembly that is second to none. Your interior will become the seat of uniqueness. In a nutshell : it will be perfect.