A drop of like design


Design Martin Surman

Sofa and armchair Lesta rightly attract attention in shops and at fairs. It is a very ambitious design based on a drop aerodynamic solution. Thus a very nice connection of retro style and futurism emerges.

Without any exeggeration, Lesta set can be called a flagship of Vespera´s offer. We can imagine similar furniture in functionalist villa as well as on the board of airbus. Can you her the wind whoosh in your hair?

Extraordinary technology corresponds with a luxury design. The seat – aside from standard combination of HR-foam and corrugated sprint – is complemented with a spring frame, which enables the highest possible flexibility.

You can oder a headrest to this sofa which contributes to a perfect comfort. This complement respects fully the original teardrop shape which makes this set an extraordinary design unit.