A Drop of like Design


Design Martin Surman

Can you believe how impressive concentration can be retro -style futurism? Settee Lesta is the result of this combination and its unusual appearance rightly arouses attention. Be inspired tasteful merger of these design elements and show off up Lesta . Its exceptional features enchant you and your surroundings.

Design solution sets Lesta is based on aerodynamic shapes. This original design will make any interior a touch of uniqueness, and a common space thanks to him turns into a sumptuous functionalist villa.

Report Lesta consists of a double-chair lift chair and is complemented by a unique tabouret - how otherwise than in the form of drops. The chair is narrower and provides a feeling of comfort and security. Double-chair lift may even have different seat widths that you can control for maximum convenience.

Luxury design sofas Lesta is based on our unique technology solutions. The seat is filled with polyurethane foam and corrugated springs, except that it is completed by spring frames, which ensures the maximum level of flexibility. This ensures a soft and pleasant, which adapts very quickly. Cover in leather or fabric of your choice will make the whole Lesta natural part of your interior.

A practical and elegant at the same time element Leste is height adjustable headrest. Not only that contributes to the perfect comfort, while its streamlined shape enhances Leste is a unique harmony of shapes. Towards the rear tapers and Lesta , creating the unique design altogether. Significant metal or wooden legs still enhance the overall appearance of the original futuristic assembly.

Whether as a complete three-piece set including stool, or separately as individual exceptional piece of furniture will Lesta always a significant part of the apartment, office or public space. For its imaginative appearance, quality workmanship and comfort will be your favorite among interior accessories.