Pillow differently …


Design Jiri Pelcl and David Crla

Imagine a combination of soft comfort pillows and modern design... On the low couch spread fluffy pillows . Everything is easy, as if flying through space ... This is Pulvino. Make no mistake, Pulvino just does not encourage you to linger, is a place where your senses will release new sensations and wrecking ...

Pulvino is a low seat which aesthetically and functionally dominated pillow as a symbol of rest. Soft materials provide comfort seat and adjustable backrest shaped pillows.

Pillows are firmly attached, but still pliable. Forms is unusual back and it keeps your body in up to five positions - even remain lightweight, pliable and fluffy. Pillow is an important element that causes the convenience is the word that comes to mind when you sit down to Pulvino.

Pulvino form a solid wooden frame, covered with a thin layer of cold foam. Lying on her cushion and backrest cushions completes the perfect unit for this release. Seats are sewn cellular way - soft hollow fiber filling will stay long in place. Even if you frequently use Pulvino, lose nothing of its original beauty.

The final version of Pulvino however you specify. You can take advantage of joining equal parts and a seat armrests terminated or assemble the seat of equal parts and the end use parts corner . This will provide seat with adjustable end parts, ideal for relaxing lying down. Of course there may be Pulvino and corner seat. Impression of Pulvino shapes and tiny feet low. Variable is a set of components, number of cushions and choice of material. Let Pulvino coated leather or fabric . Your imagination will provide a good background.

The seat fits perfectly lightweight auxiliary table, whose height corresponds exactly to its original purpose - pushing through the arm to create a comfortable and always available storage or serving element. The table is made of metal plate in any veneer or laminate. It is the practical part of Pulvino - Total perfection and dream of rest.