Path of uniqueness


Design Martin Surman

Name sofas and a range of products, which are characterized by the combination of straight lines and shapes with soft curves, it is Valor . This raises tangents surprise and admiration for a remarkable design.

Settee Valor becomes an elegant addition to your decor. Cushions are designed in fine lines, giving rise to a feeling of softness and comfort. For the filling tightly sewn pillows is the use of three types of cold foam. At the rear are softer, stiffer front then, for maximum seating comfort. The seat can be assembled from a variety of parts, straight or corner and end it rest or simply terminating the work. Perhaps it is also a variant without armrests. This unit then operate openly and invites usednutí.
An interesting feature that the appearance of the seat and sit in it adds a new dimension to the headrest. Firmly placed on the report for any backrest cushion. Allows you to ultimate relaxation and can be adjusted in height just fit your needs.

The final appearance of the seat and its various functions perfectly complements chair and ottoman created in the same spirit. Thanks to them is a sofa Valor extremely variable. A simple stool is suitable for option open without arms, but serve in any assembly seat. Armchair Valor then meets the convenience and taste as a seat as well as it can add a headrest.

Sofa, chair and ottoman for you to equip feet in a single design. You can choose from thin and solid, metal and wood. Coating VALOR select the skin color chart, or select material and create a unique flavor.

Valor , this is a sofa, chair and ottoman. Valor , but it is also an individual designer pieces which we called loungers and Solitaire. Be inspired many Valor and walk down the road of excellence.